Congratulations to JCPT Players!

Kevin Wang - PIAAA District 1 Singels Champion 2011  
Kevin Wang
PIAAA State High School Singles Champion 2012
MIT Men's Tennis #3 Singles

Brian Grodeck 2012 Regional Champion

Brian Grodeck – 2012 Regional Champion


Brian Grodeck 2012 Regional Champion

Josh & Jason Sutker
2 Time Conestoga State Champions

Pat McGinley - Athlete of the Year

Pat McGinley
– Athlete of the Year, Coatesville High School Division 1 Tennis Scholarship, Mount Saint Mary's

Troy Beneck – 
Named Colonial Athletic Association Singles Player of the Week

Kirsten Boyer – Player of the Week,
Wheaton College

A Personal Note From Jack
Jack Conrad Power Tennis InstructionJack Conrad Power Tennis Instruction
As a student of the game, I am always excited to provide my students with cutting edge training techniques and ideas.

This summer we will be providing exciting video feedback using Dartfish Video Analysis Software. Instead of guessing what needs to be added to your game, you clearly see for yourself, from various angles. Imagine seeing yourself in slow motion, side by side with a reference clip of Roger Federer—if a picture is worth a thousand words, than video is worth a million! This instant video feedback accelerates learning, and makes it easy to see and understand what corrections should be made.

Students will also have their movement analyzed through our Functional Movement Testing Program. Students will be given corrective exercises to help them improve their balance, agility and core stability.

I look forward to teaching you how to train so that you can Play Big in today’s modern power game.

Jack Conrad

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