Private Coaching

Tennis is a game, and games should be fun! At JCPT, we believe our players have loads of fun because they make tremendous improvement, while learning new skills. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, JCPT coaches will challenge you to perform your best in our enthusiastic, innovative and positive training environment.

JCPT’s dynamic teaching methods are designed to help players master the fundamentals of today’s “power game”! JCPT’s attention to stroke, movement, and mental detail through the use of EXTENSIVE DIGITAL VIDEOTAPE ANALYSIS will help students develop the same stroke techniques used by today’s top professional players.

Every student at all levels will have their strokes and movement videotaped. Students will also view super slow motion DVD’s of Federer, Nadal, Djokovic & others, so they can compare their strokes to those of the pros.

Beginner students will enjoy learning JCPT’s “power fundaments” through a variety of instruction, drills and games. Advanced & intermediate students will be challenged to move dynamically through our fast & furious high-speed drills. All students will learn more efficient stroke and movement patterns which will help them maximize their ACCURACY, CONSISTENCY and POWER on all shots. The JCPT staff makes learning fun and guarantees superior player performance.

Summer Tennis Camps

JCPT runs a summer program for junior players.  Please contact us for more information


JCPT runs clinics for beginner, intermediate, and advanced junior players.  Please contact us for more information